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Non-AC Ambulance Services in Dhaka 01713388355

AC Ambulance, Ambulance Service in Dhaka

Non-AC ambulance services in Dhaka are the most affordable transportation services in the context of Bangladesh. 


So if you’re one of those people who needs an ambulance service without an air condition facility, make sure you have checked our ambulances before finding others. 

Ambulance Service in Dhaka offers a reliable non-AC ambulance service for the patients who are not able to hire an AC ambulance.

What is a Non-AC Ambulance Service?

As the name implies, A non-AC ambulance is such a vehicle that doesn’t have an air condition system. based on the service you get, the ambulance can offer almost everything like an AC ambulance except AC facility.


Most ambulances are manufactured with AC features nowadays. However, Service providers like us still have non-AC options as well as AC ambulances. 


This is because our goal is to make the company as a one-stop place for every need of an ambulance service in Dhaka. 


Non-AC ambulances are primarily used as an AC ambulance alternative as non-AC vehicles are cheaper than air condition-supported vehicles.

The ambulance service in Dhaka is one of the fastest developing ambulance service providers with a long experience in this industry that guarantees a reliable and affordable service. 


Avail our ambulance services in Bangladesh for quick and safe transportation to hospitals. We are furnished with the modern treatment opportunity and our team of well-trained people offer the best possible care for patients.


All of our Non-AC ambulance customers will get maximum benefits from our service because we don’t differentiate between our services. 


See the benefits of hiring a Non-AC ambulance before calling this number 01405 600700. 


Cost savings: The primary benefit of using a non-AC ambulance is that the Non-AC ambulances are typically cheaper to operate than their air-conditioned counterparts.


A non-AC vehicle doesn’t require as much fuel as an AC ambulance because there is no air condition system that can consume the energy from the vehicle.


Improved patient comfort: in terms of space saving, A non-AC ambulance is one step ahead as the non-AC ambulances typically have more space for patients than air-conditioned units. 



This increased space can make a big difference for patients who are uncomfortable or in pain and need enough space for transportation. 


Less wear and tear: compared to an AC vehicle, Non-ac ambulances do not have to deal with the fixed use of air conditioning units, meaning that they will last longer and will need less management over time.


Patients’ care: Since such ambulances offer enough space, they have more emergency medical supplies on board compared to an AC vehicle. 


It’s one of the most important things for patients who require instant medical treatment during the journey.

The Drawbacks Of Using A Non-Ac Ambulance

Nothing is fully perfect, and a non-AC ambulance is also not exceptional. In addition to having some noticeable benefits, there are some drawbacks of hiring a non-AC vehicle. 


  • Your patients may be exposed to extreme heat if the vehicle does not have an air condition system. 

  • Patients with respiratory problems may have difficulty breathing in extreme hot weather. 

  • These ambulances are less comfortable for patients, drivers, and also staff. 

Why Are Non-AC Ambulance Services Popular In Bangladesh?

There are multiple reasons for the popularity of non-AC ambulance services in Bangladesh. These are the following reasons: 


  • AC ambulance services are much more expensive than non-AC ambulance services. 

  • Non-AC vehicles are widely available in Bangladesh. 

  • Many people in this country do not have access to air condition power, making it hard to use air condition ambulance services. 

  • In terms of speed, non-AC ambulances are faster as there is no need to bear an air conditioner. This is important as ambulance services are considered emergency services.


The Cost Of Using A Non-Ac Ambulance

The cost of hiring a non-AC ambulance service will depend on factors like the distance of your delivery location from the picking spot, the quality of the ambulance, and the additional support you might need for your patients. 


But in most cases, we charge around 7,000 BDT to 10,000 BTD if the picking and delivering location is within 100 KM.

Where Non-AC ambulances are Suitable?

Based on your patients’ condition, you can call this number 01405 600 700 to know more about the ambulance service in Dhaka. 


A non-AC ambulance  is highly suitable for delivering patients over short distances, such as from one building to another or from one hospital to another within a short area. 


In addition to the mentioned purposes, you can use our non-AC ambulance for transporting your patients who do not need medical care and are not in need of advanced life-support facilities. 

Why Are We The Best?

We’re not like some of the other typical ambulance service providers as we have some additional and advanced facilities to offer our priority customers. 


  • Availability: We’re available in every corner of Bangladesh. Our service range is widely endless within this country, for the poor people to rich people, our service is suitable for every class.

  • Features: We have all the necessary tools and kits in our vehicle to ensure a safe and comfortable journey.

  • Drivers: Before hiring a driver, Before hiring a driver, we have got their test to make sure that they are fully ready to manage the vehicle smoothly.

  • Team: In addition to the experienced drivers, we have careful-minded and helpful teams who will help your patient if needed

  • Ambulance Condition: From AC ambulance to Non-AC ambulance services, ICU ambulance to NICU ambulance services, Freezing ambulance to ALS ambulance services, we’re using modern and comfortable vehicles for users’ convenience.

  • Additional Support: We always bear extra fuel and additional tools so that we can use these when we’re out of the public range.

Non-AC Ambulance Booking Process

We make it easy for everyone to book a non-AC ambulance service in Dhaka without completing so many complicated procedures. 


Since we have multiple contacting methods such as mobile numbers, email address, physical address, facebook page, and online form submitting facility, you can use any of the mentioned methods to reach us. 


We’re also considered a reliable ambulance service in Gulshan, ambulance service in Mirpur, ambulance service in Dhanmondi, and also ambulance service in Uttara Dhaka. 



It would be good for us to reach you quickly if you’re from any of the Dhaka cities as we’re decidedly offering the service in these areas.


Non-AC ambulance services are something that you can find at an affordable price range. However, A non-ac ambulance from us doesn’t mean a cheap vehicle as we have included almost everything in a non-AC vehicle except air conditioning.


01405 600 700 is the primary number of hiring a non-AC ambulance in Bangladesh. Call this number to know more about our facilities, charges, and transportation conditions. 


Remember that the market is now full of ambulances as car prices are falling day by day and people are trying to stand a business in this industry without knowing the market. 


So hiring an experienced service like us would be a good idea as we’re since 2005 and know how to care for people while transferring them from one place to another location.





Support Service

Ambulance Service Dhaka 01405600700, Ambulance Service Bangladesh

Whellchair Details

The wheelchair service offers only highly functional & comfortable vehicles for disabled people. Let us know about disabled people earlier.

Ambulance Service Dhaka 01405600700, Ambulance Service Bangladesh

Oxygen Cylinder

Our every Ambulance (ICU / NICU/ AC / NON-AC / PICU / AIR Ambulance)  has oxygen cylinder. Critical patients needs urgent oxygen support.

Ambulance Service Dhaka 01405600700, Ambulance Service Bangladesh

Stretcher Details

Our every Ambulance (ICU / NICU/ AC / NON-AC / PICU / AIR Ambulance) has high quality flexible stretcher. We also have cotton stretcher. 

Ambulance Service Dhaka 01405600700, Ambulance Service Bangladesh

Sitting Seat Setings

All of our ambulances have 3 extra seat in back and 1 in front for attendant, family or doctor with the patient. Patient’s care made easy.

Ambulance Service Dhaka 01405600700, Ambulance Service Bangladesh

Mobile Mortuary

Mortuary made of pure Stainless steel and copper which provide complaint free working. Dead body can be preserved for longer periods.

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