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Ac Ambulance

AC Ambulance Service In Dhaka For Emergency Patient 01405 600 700

When it comes to finding a comfortable and luxurious Ambulance to transport your patient from one place to another spot, you might want to use an AC ambulance service instead of hiring a non-ac version. 


Too many companies and agencies offer the same service. However, Are all of them reliable and budget-friendly? Or offer a 24/7 service? 


The answer might be “No”. 


Then what should you do to get a trusted provider? Well, we have the solution. Simply call this number 01405 600 700 and book an emergency AC ambulance service from us.

What is an AC Ambulance?

As you can assume from the name of the service, an AC ambulance is a special kind of vehicle that comes with an air condition system. This keeps the whole car at an ideal temperature. 


It ensures advanced support for you and your patient as well, and undoubtedly, an AC-supported vehicle service is better than a non-ac ambulance service in Bangladesh. 


AC Ambulance are also called Basic Life Support Ambulance, which are primarily used for transporting patients who are medically stable and do not require constant monitoring. 


BLS Ambulances equipped with general equipment like oxygen, stethoscope, and equipment to check the blood pressure, etc. This ambulance is best for transfer of patients in nearby areas. Basic Ambulance is very much used for transferring patient especially to outstation. like from one district to another in Bangladesh. 


We are one of the most reputed and committed AC Ambulance provider in Dhaka. We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the quickest AC Ambulance providers.

While people get an air condition system with an AC-prepared ambulance, the same people will not get the air condition facility on a non-ac ambulance. 


For those who are looking for a cheap ambulance service in Bangladesh, we’ll highly recommend calling this number 88 01405 600 700 and hiring a non-ac ambulance from us. 

Difference Between an AC and Non-AC Ambulance

You’re reading this line means you have read the above content and we know that you have already known the difference between these two ambulances. 


The core inequality is the air condition system. you’ll get the air condition feature on an AC ambulance, while a Non-AC ambulance doesn’t offer that feature and only offers a normal vehicle instead.

AC Ambulance
AC Ambulance

Who Should Hire an AC Ambulance Service in Bangladesh?

If you want to ensure better transportation for your patient, hiring an AC ambulance is essential. Although budget can be a factor in such a case, the benefits are noticeable. 


Look, traffic jams are one of the major issues in Bangladesh, and we might need to wait for an hour after hour on the road. In such a case, the air condition feature will play a vital role in keeping your patient body gentle. 

On the other hand, if you hire a non-AC vehicle, Your patient’s body may get worse due to the harmful environment. The best solution is to call this number 01405 600 700 and hire an air condition supported vehicle.

Is The Fare For An Ac Ambulance Much Higher?

In our AC ambulance, we have run an air condition system that consumes a good amount of power. So ultimately, renting a little more from customers becomes mandatory in our case. 


To get you an idea, if we charge 10,000 BDT for a journey within 100/km with our non-AC ambulance, you might need to pay 15,000 BTD for an AC ambulance service. 


Note: If you are financially indigent and need a vehicle with AC support, we have a special discount for you. Call this number 01405 600 700 to know more about the special deal. 

However, to get the offer, you have to prove that you’re in trouble managing money to get such a benefit for you or your patient.

I’m Outside of Dhaka, Can I Get The Service?

Our wide availability makes us one of the most reliable and trusted AC ambulance services in Bangladesh. 


We’re controlling and running the operation from Dhaka doesn’t mean that you’re out of our range. Rather, we’re covering every single corner in Bangladesh. From division to city, city to village, our service is available everywhere. 


However, if you’re away enough from Dhaka, It may take a little longer for us to reach you. Since we have skilled drivers and we’re using well-made vehicles for the service, reaching out to you will be easy!

What Benefits Do I Get In The AC Ambulance?





Your patient will get the benefits of our free Oxygen


We provide Dowel AC facilities to all our patients


If your patient is physically unstable

Soft Bed 

To ensure a better journey, we have a soft bed facility for our patient’s

Additional Seats

Additionally, there are more than 7 seats available in our AC ambulance

I Have Alternatives, Why Go With Your Service?

There is no deficiency of an AC ambulance service in Bangladesh. You may have an AC ambulance service in Mirpur or an AC ambulance service in Dhanmondi or an AC ambulance service in Uttara


Now the question is why select us? Well, Below we have listed some of the strong and logical reasons that will help you to know better about us. 


Discount: Discount is only applicable for those patients who are financially penurious or current don’t have the ability to manage the rent for the service


Free Oxygen: In this case, everyone is equal in our eyes, meaning all of our customers will get the free Oxygen facility while transporting the patient from one hospital/place to another hospital/place. 


Multiple and 24/7 Services: We’re capable of offering multiple ambulance services from one hub. From road ambulance to air ambulance, we have everything to meet the ambulance-related requirements. 


Our service is always open regardless of bad weather, time difficulties, traffic issues, and road conditions. Call this number 01405 600 700 and take a long breath.


Skilled Team: From our drivers to support members, everyone has a minimum experience in this field to ensure premium service.


Affordable Rent: Compared to our major competitors, our service rent is more subordinate but the quality of our service is more elevated!


Remember, AC ambulance services always cost higher than non-AC services. So only consider the service when you’re fully prepared to afford it. 

Call one of these numbers 01405 600 700 | 01713 388 355 and tell about your patients’ condition, pick up and delivery location, and also how many people will go with the patient.

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