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Air Ambulance Service

Affordable Air Ambulance Service In BD - 01405-600700

Do you need a rapid transportation service for you or your patient? A typical road-based ambulance may fail in such a case and an air ambulance service can play a vigorous role.

We’re offering affordable and reliable air ambulance facilities all over Bangladesh. Our air ambulance is always ready to carry the patients, It doesn’t matter where the patient is from. 

Call this number 01405 600 700 at any time and talk with one of our customer service agents to get all the information you need to know before hiring a medical helicopter. 


What is an Air Ambulance Service?

In simple terms, an air ambulance is something that covers the use of conduction,  airplane, or helicopter to carry emergency and non-emergency patients from one spot to another location. 


Such transportation services are considered one kind of luxurious medical service in the context of Bangladesh. An air ambulance service is not like a regular helicopter in terms of internal design. The outlook can be the same as the standard helicopter. 

A medical helicopter offers additional kits and tools for primary treatment during transportation if needed. Apart from these, A separate bed is used to keep the patient lying down. 

Why Use Air Ambulance Service in Bangladesh?

Air Ambulance

There was a time when providing air medical services wasn’t possible due to the lack of technology and the unavailability of helicopters.

We agree that a road-based emergency ambulance service can help you to transport your patient to the hospital at the right time, however, when it comes to rapid transportation of your patient, an air medical service can come to your senses.


If you have a patient who needs emergency treatment and there is no satisfactory hospital near your location, you should hire an air ambulance to admit the patient to a better hospital. Apart from emergencies, you should also consider hiring such helicopters if you think the road around your city or village is worsened because the helicopter doesn’t care about the road.

What Do We Offer in Our Air Ambulance?

We’re providing as many facilities as we can within our control. We have 5 air ambulances under our management, and all the helicopters are flown by experienced and professional pilots. There are 5 seats on your helicopter, one for the paramedic, two for passengers, and one bed for the patient. 

We have multiple options with different styles of helicopters. You have the option to hire an option based on your requirements like you can select color, size, etc.

If you don’t have enough time to read the article, call this number 01405 600 700 at any time to get an overall idea about our air ambulance.

Air Ambulance
Air Ambulance

Our Air Ambulance has the following equipment:

  • Medications

  • ECGs 

  • Ventilators

  • Monitoring units

  • CPR equipment

  • Stretchers

  •  Air ambulance available to go outside of Bangladesh


Does Our Air Ambulance Fly At Night?

Our air ambulance service in Dhaka Mirpur is able to fly at night time. We know danger can come at any time, and with this in mind, we’re offering the same service for both times, day and night times. 

The air ambulance service in Bangladesh is open from (Mention The Time) to fly

However, as you know, sluggish weather is not suitable for flying a vehicle. So if you call us in sinister weather, you may need to wait until the weather gets cleared.

How Long Will It Take For Us To Reach You?

There is no clear-cut answer to your question as it will depend on so many things including your location, the helicopter flying capacity, etc. 

However, most air medical ambulances from us are able to go 260 km/h. So if you are from Chittagong and you want to hire a helicopter from Dhaka, you have to wait at least one hour as the distance between Dhaka to Chittagong is 248km.


On the other hand, if you’re from Kushtia, a helicopter from Dhaka can take almost 40 minutes to reach you.

Why Is A Helicopter Used As An Ambulance?

The primary reason for using a helicopter as an ambulance is to solve the rapid transportation issue. Apart from it, a helicopter can be used to airlift patients out of circumstances, which are hard to travel by a regular vehicle or ambulance. 


Using a helicopter as an alternative to a vehicle can also solve traffic jam issues and poor road issues in the context of Bangladesh. However, since the cost of hiring such services is costly, not everyone might not be capable of bearing them. 

Is Our Helicopter Faster Than An Ambulance?

Sky-driven vehicles tend to be faster than road-powered vehicles, and this is the general rule of the world. 


Our ideal speed of driving a road-based ambulance is (Speed), while our air ambulance can go 260 km/h. So there is a huge difference between the speed of our air ambulance and road-based ambulance.

The Market Has Multiple Options, Why Us?

  • 24/7 Service: like the regular ambulance service in Dhaka Badda, the air medical service is also 24/7 available. You don’t need to wait to call us, simply open your dial pad and enter ( 01405 600 700). 

  • Support For Covid-19 Patients: In addition to carrying a normal or emergency patient, we also additionally offer services for Covid patients. Within a clean environment, your Covid-infacted patient will get a safe journey with our kindness team.

  • Affordable Service Charge: The overall cost of maintaining an air ambulance requires a smart amount of money every month, ultimately, The cost goes up. However, we are thinking of customer convenience by keeping our profit margin low.

  • Discount/Offer: Are you a financially weak person and still searching for an affordable air ambulance service in Dhaka Bangladesh? We have a special plan for you. Call 01405 600 700 to know more. 

  • Safe Journey: With experienced paramedics, advanced helicopters, and super-friendly team members, every journey will be safe, smooth, and on time.


Note: When you call for a trip, you have to make sure that you have enough space to let the helicopter land perfectly. If good support is found, we’ll offer a bed-to-bed patient transport facility. 


In addition to these, you have to also check that the hospital you’re going to admit your patient to has a helipad or a specific area where we can land a helicopter to deliver the patient.


Air ambulance services are more expensive than a road-based ambulance but there are many advantages that you can not find on a regular ambulance. We’re not the only solution as some other companies in Bangladesh offer the same service. 


However, if you’re smart enough and can research about finding the best medical air ambulance company, the chance is high that we’ll come first in your mind as we’re providing all the available facilities.


Your one call to this number 01405 600 700 can reach our customer agent point, and via the same call, you or your patient can get a better transportation service regardless of the time.

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