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Ambulance Service In Dhaka

We’re one of the most trustworthy and counted ambulance services in Dhaka. From emergency to non-emergency, AC to non-AC, we have multiple types of ambulances in our guardianship. 

Trusted Ambulance Service in Bangladesh

Ambulance service is a transportation service, but also it’s a service that saves lives by carrying patients from their homes to the hospitals and handing them over to expert doctors. 

With our careful-minded drivers and tasteful Ambulance, we provide dependable services all over Bangladesh.

Emergency Ambulance Service In Dhaka

An emergency ambulance service is a committed service for our customers. This means that when someone from the patient’s family calls us, we try to get the patient to the hospital as soon as we can. 

In addition to this, our emergency ambulance service number in Dhaka will play an important role in getting the patient to the hospital rapidly and saving lives. If you have a patient who needs to be treated urgently, there is no way to skip hiring an emergency ambulance service. 

Emergency Ambulance Service Number In Dhaka

Ambulance Service In Dhaka

Assuming you get us the right way and need the right number to call us for the task, now you’ll need to call us at this number: +88 01405 600 700. 

This is the Emergency Ambulance Service Number In Dhaka that you can note on your phone and call at any time to hire one of our services according to your patient’s physical and mental condition.

Note: All of our emergency ambulances are highly and only recommended for patients in critical condition and who need immediate medical attention, so it is always good to know your patient’s condition before calling us for emergency service. 

24 Hours Ambulance Service In Dhaka

Danger can come at any time without letting you know, and with this in mind, we can provide a 24-hour ambulance service in Dhaka regardless of weather, road condition, and time zone. 

For example, suppose your patient is sick at midnight. Would you not want to hospitalize your patient due to the time issue?

Of course, time is valuable for us but not higher than a patient’s. We have managed the entire process of controlling our ambulance service in such a way so that everyone can call us anytime to get help.

Our drivers have been properly trained to deal with traffic problems and bad road conditions in Bangladesh, and they have a long experience, so getting your patient to the hospital will be an easy job for us. 

Air Ambulance Service In Dhaka

Air Ambulance Service In Dhaka

If you realize that no Hospital in your area can provide a suitable solution for your patient, you might need to make a long journey to get treatment for that patient, and this is where the Air Ambulance service in Dhaka comes in to help you. 

As soon as we receive your call, we will be ready with our air ambulance to your destination, and our skilled team will be responsible for transporting your patient to the hospital healthily and beautifully.

Since it is a rare thing to carry a patient in an air ambulance in the context of Bangladesh, those who are new in this field may be a little scared, but our skilled team here will always try their best to assist you and your patient.

The Air ambulance service in Dhaka offers its service all over Bangladesh. All you need to hire an air ambulance in Dhaka is contact us at this number (+88 01405 600 700) and mark a place for our air ambulance to land safely.

Ambulance Service Price In Dhaka

Price is always a dynamic subject that depends on multiple things such as the distance, time zone, condition of the Ambulance, and the weather of the day or night. 

To get an idea about how much an ambulance service in Mirpur Dhaka or other areas costs, you can call this number +88 01405 600 700. 

Since we’re a private company and doing business to live, the price matters to us. However, we’re confident that we’re offering the most affordable and budget-friendly ambulance rent in Dhaka. 

We have a great discount plan for those who are financially disadvantaged and need good ambulance service. But to get it, you will have to go through some verification.

According to research, the Government of Bangladesh earns over 20 crores (BDT) from this industry, and we don’t have enough support from our Government. We’re facing many issues when we want to take a load from the bank. 

Offering a reasonable price range for our Ambulance service is a challenging task. However, since our main goal is to save people’s lives, earning a huge amount of money is just a dream.

So far, we have not seen the Government take any important step in this sector, and even there is no such fixed government policy that we can follow to fix the rent for an ambulance service.

5 Logical Reasons Why Select The Ambulance Service in Bangladesh

You may find so many options for selecting the best ambulance service in Dhaka. So why select us while other options are still available? 


We can show you some strong and logical reasons behind our popularity, and we hope the logic will help you know us in a better way.

5 Logical Reasons Why Select The Ambulance Service in Bangladesh

Multiple Ambulances:

We’re trying to ensure one-stop service for various needs, meaning you can get the different types of ambulance services in one place regardless of your needs. 

Could you take a brief look at our services below?

Best Ambulance Service In Dhaka

  • ICU Ambulance Service: If your patient is seriously injured for any reason, ICU ambulances will play an important role in getting your patient to the destination quickly.
  • NICU Ambulance Service: If your newborn needs serious treatment or hospitalization, take the service through our Neonatal incubator care unit-supported ambulances.
  • CCU Ambulance Service: If you think your patient will be cured by a first aid ambulance or if for some reason hospitalization is delayed, you can hire such an ambulance.
  • HDU Ambulance Service: All of our High dependency unit ambulances are perfectly designed to face the challenges of offering a high-grade caring service. The environment in our HDU ambulance is safe and practical.
  • PICU Ambulance Service: This type of Ambulance will be very useful if your middle-aged child needs to be transferred from one hospital to another in case of illness.
  • ALS Ambulance Service: If your patient is medically stable and does not need constant monitoring, hire our Advanced Life Support Ambulances for any transportation needs.
  • BLS Ambulance Service: Such an ambulance will mainly offer an enhanced medical guide to our patients during transportation.
  • AC Ambulance Service: If your patient needs an exceptional and high-end service. All our AC ambulance services in Dhaka will help you make the conditions in the vehicle more relaxing.
  • Non-AC Ambulance Service: Non-AC ambulance services in Dhaka offer an ambulance without an AC service. Non-AC ambulances have almost the same features as AC ambulances. Don’t worry about the charge because you can customize it.
  • Freezing Ambulance Service: Our Freezing Ambulance Service in BD will offer you a safe environment to keep the dead body safe for a long time. We also ensure the dead body is secure from viruses and bacteria.
  • Air Ambulance Service: Our Air Ambulance service in Dhaka offers emergency and non-emergency service all over Bangladesh. We’ll ensure optimum care of your patient onboard the flight.
  • And so on. 

Subject to the above discussion, it is understood that we can help you with any of your needs through our multiple services. You don’t need to find another option to meet your requirements in terms of medical transportation.

Safe and Secure Journey:

Because of the traffic jams, bad weather, road repairs, winding roads, we always face problems while transporting the patient, but due to our skilled team, we endure all the problems and deliver the patient to the destination safely.

Experienced Driver:

How smoothly your patient will go in the Ambulance will depend on how experienced the driver is and how good the Ambulance is. 

That means the better the driver, and Ambulance, the better service you’ll get. In this case, we have not compromised as we have experienced drivers and advanced vehicles to ensure a comfortable and hassle-free journey.

Reasonable Price Range:

Carrying a patient is a risky job. Under the pretext of this work, various service providers can deduct a good amount of money from you. 

However, in the case of our service and price tag, we will not make any excuses to loot more money. We have researched the market for ambulance services in Bangladesh and fixed the price within your reach.

We know the value of money in the case of an emergency. People can’t go to the hospital for money, and we don’t want that. Rather, we want to make everyone happy!

24/7 Service: Your every call will be accepted while we are awake.

This is one of our slogans that will motivate you to contact us anytime at any condition.

We know the importance of providing 24/7 service in this sector, and with this in mind, our customer care is always open to receiving your call. Once we get a touch from you, we call our driver to reach you.

Areas We Cover:

The best ambulance service in Dhaka is covering multiple areas in Dhaka city. People call us from different locations in the city to get help from us. 

We’re especially considered Ambulance services in Dhanmondi, and Ambulance Service In Mirpur Dhaka. In addition to these cities, you may also find that we’re an Emergency Ambulance Service Uttara Dhaka.

What is the ambulance service in Dhaka?

Ambulance service means a service that offers a quick transportation opportunity for a patient. Here we at Ambulance service in Bangladesh are trying to provide a 24/7 and rapid service all over Bangladesh.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire An Ambulance Service In Bangladesh?

If you hire a private Ambulance service in Dhaka, the cost will be a little higher than Government service. However, the entire thing will depend on the quality of the Ambulance, the time of your hiring, and the location.

Which Ambulance is The Best For Me? 

Various hospitals offer multiple ambulances. You should call to hire service after knowing the condition of your patient and your current location. 

For example, ICU ambulances are considered emergency services, while the ALS (Advanced Life Support) ambulances are good for those who are medically stable and do not require constant tracking.

Call us to get an idea of which service you would need for your patient.


Quick-response Ambulance service can save your and your patient’s life by bearing you to the right place for the treatment. 

So when selecting the best Ambulance service in Dhaka, make sure you have checked the service well via a phone call or visit their official website.

Remember, when you search online, you may notice some ads appearing on the top of the search result. 

Clicking on these ads and contacting them doesn’t mean you will get better services. Research about their services instead of hiring.

We hope you’re smart enough to select a reliable and trusted ambulance service for your patient, and you’ll not go down the wrong path.

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