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Emergency Ambulance Number in Dhaka

If your patient is seriously injured and requires rapid treatment, knowing about the Emergency Ambulance Service Number in Dhaka might be essential for you. 

We’re one of the most trusted and reliable companies who offer multiple Ambulance service numbers in Dhaka as we have several vehicles for different necessities.

01405600700 is one of our primary numbers that receive many calls from different cities and areas in Bangladesh. Our call center is always open to ensure a 24/7 service.

Emergency Ambulance Service In Dhaka

The overall need for an emergency ambulance service is rapidly growing at an unsustainable rate in Bangladesh and all countries. 

Here we at Ambulance service in Bangladesh offer a great opportunity to hire advanced ambulances with experienced drivers that can meet your emergency needs based on your patient condition.

Such services are also dedicated to developing timely and consistent service and enough care for an emergency patient.

Our emergency ambulance number is always looking at your call and ready to go! Apart from the driver, we’ll also send our team with the vehicle to ensure better safety and maintenance during the journey.

How are our Emergency Calls Managed?

When we get a call from a patient’s family or anyone else, first, we make sure that the call is from an emergency patient. 

If the caller can meet our rule of an emergency call, we hand over the call to a qualified emergency dispatcher. If not, we make an instant solution for that case by providing an ambulance. 

We try to reach the sport as soon as we can.

What if we face weather, road, and time issues? 

Look, The 24 hours ambulance service in Dhaka follows the life-saving formula, and we don’t care about the read, time, and weather condition. 

If we stop our work because of such issues, how can we become the best ambulance service in Dhaka? 

Since danger can come anytime and anywhere, we have to work with the condition as we are committed to transferring you and your patient to the right place for better treatment.

Note: If there is any damage to our ambulance due to bad weather and road at that time, we’ll follow the alternative route and call for another ambulance to complete the journey carefully.

Ambulance Service In Bangladesh

Countless companies are considered Ambulance services in Bangladesh. You may face unexpected confusion when choosing the best and most secure service for your needs. 

Here what we recommend is research first. However, if you’re looking for an emergency ambulance service in Dhaka city at an emergency moment, it is always good to save a number before you face the issue.

In this case, open your phone and save the number below:

  • 01405600700 is a number managed by a company that provides ambulance solutions for Bangladeshi citizens.

To be honest, we’re not the only company that offers the best. Rather, we have some neighboring companies keen to provide good service. 

On the other hand, you’ll also notice some companies trying to offer the same services in the greed of money. We’re not saying that charging money for the service is bad. Ensuring an ideal balance between the service quality and price range is the key thing here. 

In a country like Bangladesh, it is easy to understand that Ambulance businesses are not easy to handle. So when selecting the best one, check the company’s age and what other people said about them if you have enough time. 

It will add a good amount of confidence about the company and inspire you to hire them. However, skip them and find another one if you notice anything wrong. 

In the case of our services, we’re confident enough and ready to say that patients’ safety and comfortable journey is our primary priority, while others may only think about the money. 

Ambulance Service Number List In Dhaka


AC Ambulance 01405600700
Non-AC Ambulance 01713388355
NICU Ambulance 01971877782
CCU Ambulance 01901777772
Air Ambulance 01737330202
ICU Ambulance 01975288355


As mentioned, we’re a company with the ability to offer various ambulance services in Mirpur, Uttara, Dhanmondi in Dhaka city, and we have over 7+ emergency ambulance numbers. 

Since a single number can never be used for multiple tasks, having 7+ numbers is mandatory to let people call us.

Based on our services, we have dedicated one number for each ambulance to reduce the chance of wasting time in case of emergencies.

AC Ambulance: If you want to hire an AC-supported ambulance in BD for your patient, consider calling this number anytime: 01405600700. 

In Bangladesh, we face a high temperature in the summertime, and if we need to wait on the road due to the traffic issue, an AC ambulance can play a vital role in normalizing the temperature. 

Our AC ambulances are designed with all the necessary kits and offer a palatable environment for patients. 

Non-AC Ambulance:  If weather and the high temperature don’t matter to your patient and you want to cut down a little bit of cost on hiring a non-ac ambulance service in BD, call this number: 01713388355.

All non-ac ambulances are designed with the same features except the air condition system. The environment is also the same. 

We charge for a non-AC ambulance lower than an AC ambulance. If your primary intention is to get better service at the best price, consider the vehicle without an AC facility.

ICU Ambulance: Are you thinking about your patient’s advanced life support facilities while transferring the patient from one hospital to another hospital? Call this number 01975288355, and hire a quick ambulance for your needs. 

As soon as we get a call from you, we’ll repose fast, and the vehicle will be delivered to your exact location.

NICU Ambulance: If you’re looking for a neonatal ambulance with ICU monitoring features, IV therapy, incubators, and continuous oxygen administration facilities, consider calling this number at any time: 01971877782.

We’re always careful to keep your baby free from infection by ideally paying attention to the ambulance during the journey.

CCU Ambulance: Worrying about the delayed hospitalization of your patient? Free up the tension by calling this number and hiring a cardiac care unit ambulance from us: 01901777772.

HDU Ambulance: The High dependency unit ambulance service in Dhaka city offers a great vehicle for those who need advanced medical care. 01737330202 is always open to getting a call from you in such a case.

ALS Ambulance: All of our advanced life support ambulances are ready to go to your location for transferring your patient to nearby areas. Call this number (01405600700) if your patient is medically stable and does not need all-time care.

Why Choose Us?

There are endless companies only based in Dhaka city that offer Ambulance service. So why should you select use while others are offering the same things? 

We have enough confidence about service and can ensure advanced and better service compared to our competitors. 

Below are some of the strong reasons why you go with us. Hopefully, these reasons will be enough for us. 

Affordable Service Charge: Money matters in the transportation industry but not more than life. With this sense, our affordable ambulance services in Dhaka city offer a reasonable price range for each ambulance. 

Although the price will depend on the distance of your destination and the service level, you can always be sure that we’re offering one of the cheapest ambulances in Dhaka.

Expert Team: From our ambulance drivers to assistant team members and customer service agents, they have enough skills and experience in this sector to handle everything smoothly. 

No matter how injured your patient is, everything will go perfectly during the transportation if Allah helps us. Our team is also responsible and friendly. You can ask anything during the journey in the ambulance.

24/7 Service: In the emergency sector like Ambulance service and hospitals, ensuring a 24/7 service is mandatory, and this is where we’re considered a 24 hours ambulance service in Dhaka.

No matter what time it is and how bad the current weather is, our Emergency Ambulance Service Number In Dhaka is always open for our customers and drivers are waiting to pick you up from your location.

Multiple Options: We’re considered a one-stop solution for multiple needs in the ambulance service world in Bangladesh, meaning almost all types of ambulances are available in our control. 

In addition to offering road ambulance solutions, we have air ambulances too. The air ambulance will take you from your destination and land you at a select hospital within a short time. 

Once you have the Emergency Ambulance Service Number In Dhaka saved on your mobile phone, you don’t need to look for another company to get a service as we have multiple options. 

Call this number 01405 600 700 and describe your needs. We’ll do the rest and give you an idea to help you pick the right ambulance.

What is The Emergency Ambulance Service Number In Dhaka?

01405600700 is one of our emergency ambulance service numbers that are always open for picking calls from our patients. Apart from this number, some of our other numbers are:

How Much Does An Ambulance Service In Dhaka Charge? 

Price is a dynamic subject that will depend on multiple things such as location, time, and weather. There is no fixed rate to hire an ambulance service. Call us on this number 01405600700 to get an idea from our customer service agent. 

The area we cover

We’re the one-stop solution located in Dhaka city, but our service coverage is in Bangladesh. In addition to considering the best ambulance service in Dhaka, we’re also known as a low-cost ambulance service in Dhaka. 
Every city in Dhaka cities like Mirpur, Dhanmondi, and Uttara, is within our reach. 



We hope our effort to give you an idea about the Emergency Ambulance Service Number In Dhaka helped you get a number to call for your patient. 

We have included more than five emergency ambulance numbers in Bangladesh that you can call any time and from anywhere from Bangladesh. 

Note: it would be good to call a number after knowing your patient’s condition because each number is for different needs. However, if you don’t know which ambulance you should hire, call this number 01405600700 to get an instant solution. 

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