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Freezing Ambulance Services in Dhaka - 01713388355

Freezing Ambulance Service (Dead Body Ambulance)

Human death is an eternal truth. If you need to transfer a dead body from one place to another and bury the dead body, knowing about our freezing ambulance services in Dhaka can be essential.


Although freezing ambulance service is just a single part of our wide range of services, our dead body carrying vehicles are fully equipped with all the basic and advanced kits. 

01713 388 355 is the number of the freezing ambulance service in Bangladesh that is always open to pick up your call for any needs. 


Read the post to know more about a Bangladeshi freezing ambulance service, the cost, quality, and so on.

Freezing Ambulance Services in Dhaka

Do you need a dead body carrying ambulance service in Dhaka? We’re at freezing ambulance service in Dhaka, offering a freezing ambulance facility that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. 


All of our offering services are reasonably priced and we are always available to serve all over Bangladesh to make it easier for people to get a reliable and comfortable ambulance to carry dead bodies. 


With a long experience in this industry, we have completed countless transformation tasks and all of these trips were successful and our customers were quite happy with what we delivered to them.


As a customer, you have multiple options to reach us to book a vehicle. The booking process of a freezing ambulance from us is not complicated. 


Contact us at 01405 600 700 or visit our office at House: 15, Road: 7, Block: C, Niketon, Dhaka 1212 Bangladesh.


You can also mail us at this address to hire a freezing vehicle in Dhaka Bangladesh. 


If you’re comfortable submitting an online form to book the service, you can simply go to the homepage page of our website and Fillup the form according to the instructions to complete the booking process. 


As soon as we get your message on our system, a call will be transferred to one of our freezing ambulance drivers. The driver will then tell you more details about the ambulance, price, and other related information.

What is a Freezing Ambulance?

In simple words, a freezing ambulance is a special type of vehicle that is mainly used to carry a dead body from one location to another location.


Once the dead body is inside, the ambulance will begin to cool down to the desired temperature to keep the body safe from viruses and any other bacterias. The dead body will then be monitored until they reach the desired temperature.


Such an ambulance is not like a normal ambulance. Space is limited in the ambulance as the freezing box size is large to maintain the right temperature with the air condition technology.


However, you’ll get the opportunity to sit up to 2-4 people in the ambulance with the dead body. If you want to transfer any of your relatives’ dead bodies, You can sit next to our driver.

Why Are Freezing Ambulances Needed?

Freezing ambulances are needed because they can help to preserve organs and tissue for transplantation.  There are so many services in Bangladesh but all of them are not using the latest air condition system to keep the body safe for a long time. 


For example, if you’re from Meherpur-Kushtia and you want to bring the body from Dhaka, it will be a lengthy journey. In that case, hiring an advanced and well-freezing ambulance is required to safely bring the body.


Our ambulance uses the standard temperature  (-7) degree to ensure that there is no unexpected smell from the dead body.

Who Drives Our Freezing Ambulance?

The drivers of the ambulance will be your support while carrying the body. So knowing about our drivers’ nature and experience can help you to explore more about our commitment. 


The first point about our freezing ambulance driver is their experience in the real-field. They have successfully completed their driving training to meet our requirements to be a part of our team. 


In that way, we’re committed to get you to your preferred destination on time. Our drivers are responsible. 


With their behavior you will find a beautiful sweetness, and this is one of the main reasons why people love our services. 


Since we have multiple freezing ambulances controlled from one place, we have told all of the drivers to keep additional vehicle repairing kits and fuel so that they can use these in the case of an emergency. 

Freezing Ambulance Service Price

Before calling us to hire a freezing ambulance in Dhaka, knowing about the cost is necessary. 


Since a freezing ambulance contains an expensive dead body storing freeze box that requires a good amount of energy to run all the time while transferring the body, the rent of hiring such a vehicle is a little bit more.


We always suggest people to directly contact our customer agent to get an idea about the cost. The freezing ambulance service number in Bangladesh is 01713 388 355.


Note: The above table has been only shared to let people know about an estimated charge of hiring a freezing ambulance in Bangladesh.

What Are The Tools Used In A Dead Body Carrying Ambulance?

The tools that are mainly used in a dead body carrying ambulance will depend on the specific requirements of the condition. 


However, some of the more commonly used tools in this type of ambulance include a gurney, body bags (Freeze box), and an advanced freezing technology.


For a freezing ambulance, the mentioned tools are enough as there is no need to carry any additional kits to maintain the body.

Tips To Follow:

First, consider the type of service you need. If the corpse you bring home is from abroad, you have to look at a service that offers 24-hour service so that the service provider can come to your needs as soon as they are called by you.


Second, consider the cost of the service. Some vehicles may be more costly than others, However, you have to make sure that the service you’re going to select is able to offer the best value.


Third, consider the reputation of the ambulance service you’re going to hire. You will want to make sure you are selecting a company that has a good reputation in the transportation industry. 


Finally, check whether the vehicle is comfortable or not. Finding an option that has more space will be a bonus.


Our additional services: 

Since this page is covering everything about freezing vehicles, it doesn’t mean that we have only this option. Rather, we’re the complete solution in this ambulance industry. 


We’re known as the best freezing ambulance service in Mirpur, ambulance service in Dhanmondi, affordable ambulance service in Gulshan, and also reliable ambulance company in Uttara. 


We have more than 8 types of ambulances such as 


  • AC ambulance service

  • Non-AC ambulance service

  • ICU ambulance

  • NICU ambulance

  • Air ambulance service

  • ALS-ambulance

  • HDU-ambulance

  • CCU-ambulance

Final Words

The Freezing ambulance services in Dhaka is a major blow to the country’s health care system.


While most companies are trying to generate more profits by offering an average service, our contribution is to make it affordable and trustworthy for people in this country. 


Whether you select an affordable yet comfortable service or select a high-priced agency,  the decision is yours.  Save our number on your phone and remember it when you need any dead body transportation service, we’ll reach there as soon as we can.

Ambulance Service Dhaka 01405600700, Ambulance Service Bangladesh

Wheelchair Details

The wheelchair service offers only highly functional & comfortable vehicles for disabled people. Let us know about disabled people earlier.

Ambulance Service Dhaka 01405600700, Ambulance Service Bangladesh

Oxygen Cylinder

Our every Ambulance (ICU / NICU/ AC / NON-AC / PICU / AIR Ambulance)  has oxygen cylinder. Critical patients needs urgent oxygen support.

Ambulance Service Dhaka 01405600700, Ambulance Service Bangladesh

Stretcher Details

Our every Ambulance (ICU / NICU/ AC / NON-AC / PICU / AIR Ambulance) has high quality flexible stretcher. We also have cotton stretcher. 

Ambulance Service Dhaka 01405600700, Ambulance Service Bangladesh

Sitting Seat Setings

All of our ambulances have 3 extra seat in back and 1 in front for attendant, family or doctor with the patient. Patient’s care made easy.

Ambulance Service Dhaka 01405600700, Ambulance Service Bangladesh

Mobile Mortuary

Mortuary made of pure Stainless steel and copper which provide complaint free working. Dead body can be preserved for longer periods.

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ICU Ambulance

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