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NICU Ambulance

Best NICU Ambulance Service in Bangladesh- 01405-600700

A NICU Ambulance service can play an important role in providing reliable and noise-free safe transportation for your newborn. 


So if you need a neonatal incubator care unit-supported ambulance in Bangladesh, make sure you’re going to call this number 01405 600 700 and hire a service!


We’re offering the best NICU Ambulance Service all over Bangladesh. There are no time obstacles in our service, we’re always honest and open to pick up calls for all kinds of emergency and non-emergency jobs.

What is a NICU Ambulance?

A NICU (neonatal incubator care unit) ambulance is one kind of vehicle that is only used to transfer children and newborns in critical condition. 


All the basic and advanced facilities must be included for newborns in the vehicle to make the entire journey safer.


A specialized incubator is used in such an ambulance that is solely meant for delivering neonates to intensive care facilities. All the elements in the incubator are lightweight, safe, and also noise-free.

Why Should You Hire a Nicu Ambulance Service?

According to research, the fast treatment enhances an infant’s chance of survival. So if your sick newborns require an emergency ambulance service, a neonatal incubator care unit service will come first in your mind. 


If your sick newborns are very sensitive and notice they have less immunity, hiring a regular ambulance service will not be suitable for them because they will need proper maintenance until they reach a hospital for a complete treatment

Children Who Should Take This Service

  • Infants bleeding in any area.
  • Infants with apnea.
  • Newborns produced from diabetic mothers.
  • Infants born with noticeable low birth weight.
  • Critical sick infants.
  • And more.

What Do We Offer in Our Nicu Ambulance Service?

NICU Ambulance

We have almost everything that needs to be a NICU ambulance. All the equipment will help your infants for a safe and smooth journey. 


All our sophisticated tools will constantly monitor the health of your newborns. See the list below to know about them.


  • A heated transport incubator
  • An Intravenous pump
  • A monitor to see the temperature
  • Portable oxygen cylinder & saturation monitor
  • Facility to transport breast milk


In addition to providing the mentioned benefits and advanced tools during the transfer in our NICU ambulance, your newborns will also get enough care from our expert team.


We also provide


The Process of Booking a NICU Ambulance Service in Bangladesh

NICU Ambulance

We’re offering the service in an emergency industry, so making the entire process of hiring us should be clear and instant. With this in mind, we have multiple options for you!


You can call us on one of these numbers:

  • 01405600700

  • 01713388355

  • 01971877782

  • 01901777772

  • 01737330202

  • 01975288355

Our email address is open for everything to get a message about booking an ambulance for your any needs:


If you live in Dhaka and want to directly visit our office before hiring an ambulance service, note that address: House: 15, Road: 7, Block: C, Niketon, Dhaka 1212 Bangladesh.


When a person calls us directly, we firstly talk with him about his requirements, baby’s health condition, and then we transfer the call to one of our ambulance drivers based on the needs.


As soon as the driver gets the order from us, the driver picks the ambulance and tries to reach the mentioned spot with a careful driving mind.

Is The Fare For A NICU Ambulance Much Higher?

One thing you have to always remember is that a NICU ambulance is not a typical ambulance. Rather, it’s an ambulance full of advanced tools and benefits. 


So ultimately, the rent for a NICU ambulance might be higher compared to regular service. For example, we normally charge around 8.000 BTD to 12,000 BTD for ambulance service within a 100km range.


In the case of a NICU-supported vehicle, the price can be 10,000 BTD to 15,000 BDT (Approximately). The best way to overcome the confusion is by calling this number 01405600700 and talking to one of our customer service agents.

Area We Cover

Managing all our major operations from Dhaka but the range of our service is all over Bangladesh to make it accessible for everything single person. 


It doesn’t matter where the patient is from, if we find it possible to reach that spot, our ambulance service in Dhaka will go to that location and pick up your patients and deliver them to the right destination.


While we cover every area in Bangladesh, becoming the best ambulance service in Mirpur, Uttara, Dhanmondi is an easy subject for us.

Additional Facilities That We Offer

Why would you take our service if we do not have the capacity to provide additional benefits?


Well, We have several additional facilities that we offer for our patients’ convenience. The facilities are following:


  • 24/7 Service: We are running our office in two shifts night and day to reduce the possibility of lack of services. Regardless of the time, weather, and road condition, we’ll pick up your call and send an ambulance. 

  • Reliable Service: We’re in this market for a long duration, and gained a lot of trust from our customers. You can ask people around you to know about our service because a good amount of people know about us.

  • Low Cost: We are aware of our service rental. After researching our competitors’ rent, we’re offering an affordable price range for every group of people.

  • Discount for Needy: if you’re a needy person who needs a NICU ambulance service, simply call this number 01405600700 and know about our pricing for needy people.

  • Free Oxygen: Your newborn will get free oxygen in our ambulance during transportation.


Remember that our neonatal incubator care unit ambulance is mainly designed only for pediatric patients. It’s not for transporting adult patients. Check out our previous post on Ambulance Service in Dhaka.


If you feel your child is facing any kind of critical health-related issue, make sure you’re going to call this number 014 0560 0700 and hire a reliable service from us. 


Do not hire any service unless you know their service, location, and most importantly the quality and environment of their ambulance.

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