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Non Ac Ambulance

Don’t have enough budget to afford an AC ambulance? Hiring a non-ac ambulance service in Bangladesh can be a good solution to save money. We’re offering a wide range of ambulance services all around Bangladesh and controlling all our vehicles from Dhaka Bangladesh. 


You don’t need to look for another service as we have multiple options that can be used to meet your different needs. Affordable service rent, fresh ambulance condition, experienced driver, and on-time journey are the main commitment for our customers.

What Do We offer in The Service?

We’re trying to be something unique by offering exceptional or higher level service only for those who need a reliable and trusted transportation service at a good price range.  With all the facilities, we’re consistently open to going to your preferred location, and even political blocks and any natural disasters will not be able to stop us. 


You might be surprised to hear that our service is also open on all government holidays as danger comes any time without letting you know. So keeping our service always is one of the most important commitments for the country. 


Since we’re not offering any air condition facility in our ambulance, we have included one fan only for the patient so that the patient can feel better at a higher temperature. 

As we’re providing such services for a long time in the market, we know the importance of having oxygen in an ambulance. With this in mind, we’re offering an oxygen cylinder service free of charge. You don’t have to pay anything for the service.

We’re available in every major area in Dhaka Bangladesh, so we’ll be able to reach your location within a very short time. We’re considered the best AC and non-AC ambulance service in Mirpur, Badda, Uttara Dhaka. 

However, people from anywhere in Bangladesh can easily call us at this number 01405 600 700 and can get a rapid AC and non-ac ambulance service to transport their patient from one hospital/place to another hospital/place.

NON-AC Ambulance are also called Basic Life Support Ambulance, which are primarily used for transporting patients who are medically stable and do not require constant monitoring. NON-AC BLS Ambulances equipped with general equipment like oxygen, stethoscope, and equipment to check the blood pressure, etc. 


This ambulance is best for transfer of patients in nearby areas. Basic Ambulance is very much used for transferring patient especially to outstation. like from one district to another in Bangladesh. We are one of the most reputed and committed NON-AC Ambulance providers in Dhaka. We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of the quickest NON-AC Ambulance Service providers.

We also provide

What’s The Difference Between An AC Ambulance and A Non-AC Ambulance?

The main difference between a non-ac ambulance and an AC ambulance is the air condition facility. An AC-equipped ambulance offers an air condition facility, while a non-ac ambulance does not.

What is a Non-AC Ambulance?

As the name implies, such an ambulance is a kind of vehicle that doesn’t offer an AC facility. As you notice AC on an AC-supported ambulance, you’ll not find an air condition system on the vehicle. 


When people look for a cheap patient transporting option, the first option that comes to mind is a non-ac ambulance. 

An AC ambulance is a vehicle that offers air conditioning systems. An ac ambulance can provide multiple benefits such as it can keep the entire ambulance at normal temperature. An AC-supported ambulance can help to maintain an ideal environment to ensure a better journey for your patients. 

if your primary intention is to make your patient journey better and much safer, then hiring an AC ambulance will be a good idea instead of using a non-ac service.

  • To get an AC ambulance service in Dhanmondi/Mirpur/Uttara Dhaka, call this number 01405 600 700 (Always Open).

  • To get a non-ac ambulance service in Bangladesh, call this number 01713 388 355 (Always Open).

Should You Hire Us?

Research about any company or organization is a matter of time. You can get a lot of recommendations from Google search with a single click. 


While there is no lack of services, why should you hire us? This simple question may come to your mind, and we know it’s normal. 




We have listed some points and reasons behind our popularity. You can explore the points to get an overall idea about us and our widely offered services. 


Non Ac Ambulance Outside
Non Ac Ambulance Inside

Why Choose Us For an AC and Non-AC Ambulance Service?

24/7 Service: Do you know the importance of 24/7 service in such an industry? We know that as we’ve been in this sector a long while. 


People call us anytime at this number 01405 600 700, It doesn’t matter what time it is or how good the current weather is. We’ll also be humble to you and pick up your call to send a non-ac ambulance to your selected location. 

We don’t follow the rule of 9-5 office time. Rather, we have day and night shifts to ensure a 24/7 service for the country.

Free Oxygen: Some other AC and Non-ac ambulance services may charge for the Oxygen service from you. We don’t know why. Here they should be discounted. 


We’re totally honest here and committed to offering a free oxygen service with all our AC and non-ac ambulances. 

We have at least three cylinders and all the cylinders are fully refilled. Depending on the patient’s condition, our team will help to use the cylinders with a proper guideline.

All-Day Open: What’s the meaning of all-day open? Well, by describing the word means our services are open on all the Government holidays. Even if all the vehicles in the country are closed, our service will not be closed. 

Easy Booking Process: People are now increasingly relying online and are interested in learning how to get any kind of information online. 

But most people when searching for an AC ambulance or non-ac ambulance service in Bangladesh, face confusion because they are asked to submit information via a contact form to hire an ambulance service.

For your convenience, we have Four options. If one option doesn’t work properly to reach us, try another one:

  • Mobile Number: 01405 600 700

  • Contact Form: Click Here

  • Email Address:

  • Physical Location: House: 15, Road: 7, Block: C, Niketon, Dhaka 1212 Bangladesh.

Budget-friendly Ambulance Rent: We know budget is one of the most important things, and that’s why we plan all our packages at a standard point. While most companies charge high, we’re honest there.

Charging high is not a good point to make a long-term relationship with customers. With this in mind, you can get advantages from us and hire an AC or non-ac service for your patient. 

Discount: Although most services in Dhaka offer a special discount for the people who are poor and can’t afford the charge of hiring an AC service in BD, we have something more special for those people. 

No Hidden Charge: Have you ever been in a situation where you had to pay extra? This often happens, and it’s normal in the context of our country’s condition.

However, in the case of our emergency ambulance service in Bangladesh, we don’t charge any hidden fee after completing the journey. 

Widely Availability: We’re available all around Dhaka city and our service coverage is all over Bangladesh. Your one single emergency call can touch our heart and we’ll arrive at the place as soon as we can!

Additional Benefits: in our Non-ac ambulances, we offer wheelchairs only for those patients who are primarily unstable to stand or walk. We don’t charge for this chair. 

We always keep additional fuel with our vehicles to reduce the chance of helpless situations. We also carry all the necessary vehicle repairing tools so that we can repair the vehicle when it gets damaged due to the bad road condition.

Our ambulance drivers are honest, experienced, and friendly. They will assist you and your patient during the journey. They have enough patience to wait. 

We have included stretchers for those patients who are in a troublesome condition and need a smooth place.

24/7 Non-AC Ambulance Service in Mirpur Dhaka

Are you searching for a non-ac ambulance service in Mirpur Dhaka? Make sure you’ve checked us before calling others because we have multiple options, countless benefits, and the ability to offer service at a cheap price.

Non-AC Ambulance in Uttara

Without an air condition facility, we have non-ac ambulances to offer you not only in Uttara but also all over Bangladesh. Meet all types of requirements from our one-stop service point and deliver your patient minutely. 


We’re writing a post on the best non-ac ambulance service. It doesn’t mean that we only offer non-ac ambulance services. Rather, we’re covering from ICU Ambulance services to AIR Ambulance services. 

Even air ambulance services in Bangladesh are also one of our most popular rapid transportation facilities. 

So it doesn’t matter what kinds of ambulance-related services you need to transfer your patient, we’re always open to picking up your call from this number 01405 600 700, and ready to complete a caring and successful trip!


Final Note: Don’t hire service before checking their official website or previous jobs that they did for their customer. You can get all the information on Google or their website.

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