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Why Choose Ambulance Service Bangladesh - 01405-600700

Why Choose Ambulance Service Bangladesh

A safe journey while carrying an emergency or non-emergency patient is one of the most challenging tasks to handle smoothly especially on our country’s road, and this is where Ambulance Service Bangladesh comes in to help you make the entire process easier.

We have all kinds of Ambulances that are ready to go to your needs without thinking about the time zone, weather, and the road condition of your area.

Note: We’re just an information offering website, meaning all the data stored on this site is gathered and researched from other hospitals to give the customers comprehensive knowledge about multiple Ambulance services in Bangladesh.

What We Have to Offer You?

  • ICU Ambulance: We have life-saver components in our ICU Ambulance like a volumetric infusion, biphasic defibrillator, Oxygen cylinder, ventilator device, and syringe pumps. 
  • NICU Ambulance: We have tried to include all the useful elements in our NICU ambulance such as Incubators,  ICU monitoring supports,  IV therapy, etc. 
  • CCU AMBULANCE: Our CCU options are great to support your patients in the case of a delay in hospitalization. All the basic and necessary items are included in such an Ambulance.

Extra Facilities – Ambulance Service in Dhaka Bangladesh

We keep our customer service open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, as danger may arise at any time. Our support team is always ready to pick up your call at this phone number 01405600700.

Because of the excellent use and behavior of each of our ambulance drivers, your patient or you will be able to get help from them to solve any problem during the journey.

We have hired our drivers after adequate driving training, so they can deliver the ambulance to your destination in any situation.

Since each ambulance has its own unique facilities, no matter which ambulance you choose according to your requirements, it will be able to meet all your needs because each of our ambulances has ample facilities.

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